Thursday, February 17, 2011

Preparing for Bali

 So, I’ve never been to Bali…Yes, yes I know WTF? You’ve never been to Bali?

Well in the 90’s when every man with a dog was off to Bali to partake in the developing Aussie ritual of cheap shopping, copious amounts of alcohol and sex with random strangers who just happened to also be Australian….it just never appealed to me! So here I am at the ripe old age of 37, living just a stones throw from Bali’s door, finally making the trek.

On the advice of well-seasoned Bali travellers, I find myself riffling through my cloths looking for long, lose, pants and shirts. Bali in January…..full of mozzies, ripe with Dengy fever waiting for fresh foreign blood.

This little exercise finds me noticing a thing or two about my clothing style or rather lack of it and linen/cheesecloth glad rags just aint me.

As the departure date looms I still don’t have the needed items and as mozzies and I have a special kind of relationship, they love me and I love to hate them, I know these recommended items are essential.

I ponder the idea of making the hours journey to Geraldton to riffle through the second hand stores with the inevitable disheartening outcome…. aint nothing to fit you here sista!

I allow myself to play with the idea of buying something new…. and in fact I find myself thinking about it all day, trying to justify it under the ‘health and hygiene’ rule. I actually find myself getting a little panicky about the whole situation. What am I too do!

Then I find myself turning to my own words about my reasons for doing this whole Compact Gratitude gig, looking to reinforce my commitment and strengthen my resolve….and then, there it is, in my own words, the answer…BORROW!

…and so I do and its easy, so easy..why haven’t I done this before?

Bali here I come!

I’m grateful for this simple but somewhat new way of looking at things

I’m grateful for gorgeous friends with generous spirits (love you Jane)

I’m grateful for the opportunity and means to travel

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