Tuesday, February 1, 2011

150 little bits of poxy plastic!

Piles of plastic straws pretending to be aussie flags lay strewn in front of me… …'pretending' because they have not been born on aussie shores, nor do they like our climate or wish to embrace the freedom we enjoy; ever so neatly and tightly packed in plastic wrapping they have of course, come from china! In contrast to how I like to see Australia; tough, durable, real and embracing; they are plastic, cheap and lifeless. 10 'aussie' flags for 2 bucks, yeah baby cheap as they come!

It has become so automatic for me to purchase these dodgy little suckers that I did it this year, with my Compact Gratitude vow and all, without even thinking! Yes, you heard me, I purchased 150 poxy little bits of plastic to help this town celebrate Australia Day.

Even though this purchase was made in my capacity as Community Development Officer, I must admit I have disappointed myself with this very un-compact purchase! 

This Australia Day I am grateful for:
  • this towns ability to put the past aside and come together (Black and White) to celebrate 'where we are right now'!
  • our local volunteers and 'Active Citizens'
  • (in 44 degree heat) pools of water big enough to submerge my body in!

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