Thursday, February 3, 2011

I purchased a QLD Flood!

The sense of deprivation that swept over me as the haze  from the fluro lights gave everything that lovely fresh white glow and attempted to pull me into that all too familiar shopping trance was brief but very real. I felt like a child whose mother had said NO to the latest ‘must have’ Barbie doll accessory.   

Stopping only briefly to eyeball the dress that would be perfect for my up coming trip to Bali, I headed to find the pencils and frames I needed for work. I proudly made it too the check out only with the required items. 

…and then for $100 I purchased a QLD Flood, although this doesn’t seem like much considering, I figured it was at least the amount I would have spent in Tarshae (AKA: Target) prior to Compact Gratitude. On what you ask, on that cute maxi dress that no doubt now has a few drool marks on the front of it and the small army of DVD’s that would have made into my basket, with their seductive red tag screaming, ’I’m on sale! I’m a bargain!’

Thank you Target for your contribution and good will!

I’m grateful for big business with a conscience!

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