Sunday, February 27, 2011

Loss, restraint, necessity and desire!

Loss and Necessity?
5 days in Bali, 3 purchases!

Purchase # 1 - 2 little padlocks purchased at the International airport, after much discussion with traveling companions and internal debate; to avoid all potential Schapelle Corby type instances. 

Purchase # 2 – A little red utilitarian purse purchased after two days of using my Bra to store money and cards (why don’t women’s pants have bloody pockets?) as a result of  being relived of my bag, purse, phone etc by a very well executed drive by mugging on my first night in Bali (Yes, be careful what you wish for indeed! I proclaimed I wanted to relieve myself of my excess possessions but obviously forgot to mention that I’d like to choose the items I get rid of!) 

Purchase # 3 -  Four locally made friendship bracelets purchased because I couldn’t fight off my desire to support these two very poor local ladies. The idea of just giving them money was discussed but 'where is the empowerment in that?' These women were so amazing, I spent two hours talking with them and they wanted desperately to ‘give’ me more bracelets because I hadn’t bartered with them. Amazing! Genuine, engaged, amazing...they made my heart sing!!!!!!

Restraint and desire!

Colourful cotton sarongs
Sexy strappy leather sandals (that can be made in big hoofer size)
Silk sarongs so divine it would make a grown gal weak at the knees!
Batik fabric 
Gemstone rings and jewelry, oh my!
Silver, silver and more silver
Bags galore

I am grateful for all the opportunity and abundance in my life...and for the privilege and ability to share it!

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